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We started out in 2011 with Alternative cook stoves that prepare hot meals with just a hand full of sticks, free of dependence on liquid, gas or solid fuels which are commercially marketed for cooking in the outdoors.  The idea was to save customers money on commercially marketed cook fuels like Propane, Butane, Charcoal and White gas, while providing the power to cook forever in a crisis.  We offered unique selling advantages like:

Lowest Internet Prices Guaranteed, 365-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, on top of a Full One Year Functional Warranty on all the stoves we sell.

These Services and added protetions are the result of our commitment to make every policy decision based on what we would want if we were the customer.

 So our customers look to us for guidance in their preparedness; knowing that we are exposed to preparedness products and companies constantly.  To honor that we are announcing NEW for 2014, the best food storage (NuManna) and crisis power systems (solar generator from Inergy, Power to go!) solutions on the market! 

 We attend preparedness fairs all over the Western United States and have seen and evaluated food storage from dozens of companies with a number of preservation and packaging methods.  Based on this experience we most recommend the food storage products from NuManna Food Storage.

 Similarly, we have looked into solar power, battery packs, solar generators etc...  Extensive research shows that the only genuine need for these solutions, during a long duration crisis, is for keeping medical equipment and lights going.  Entertainment is optional, the internet is unlikely to be running, phones will have no networks to speak with, fresh groceries which require refrigeration will be unavailable, so medical gear is really all that may justify the need for electricity in a lengthy grid-down scenario.  Having a portable, durable, high performance solution for crisis power, that has a long shelf life is a tough thing to do, and carries a cost.  The ONLY system we recommend is the Inergy, Energy to Go!




Frying Pan, Alternative Cook StovesStoveTec 1-Door Deluxe Metal Lined Rocket Stove easily burning rain soaked branches and ready to cook some Chicken and Rice!  (You can see the water evaporating off the sticks)

Factory Authorized Dealers

We are a factory authorized dealer possessing a close working relationship with each of the manufacturers whose products we choose to carry.  We hand-picked these manufacturers to partner with, because they are the uncontested world leaders in what they do; most having actually invented their products and having been the top selling brands in their respective product niche for many decades. Our relationship with these manufacturers helps us offer the best possible dealer support as well as competitive pricing.

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