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We carry an assortment of cook stoves and related preparedness products designed to operate using an understanding of combustion and physics, without the use of fans, batteries electrical circuits or other parts that fail.  While we have one or two items (such as a solar light bulb) which are exceptions to the no-circuit-no-battery rule, we focus on bringing our customers and their family, friends, and associates, trouble free perpetual cooking capabilities to weather any storm or calamity.

We carry cook stoves that are used in a home or “shelter in place” scenario as well as those which are designed to be backpack portable, for evacuation by foot.

We have stoves that are for outdoor cooking, as well as those which can be built into a home or cabin, or added during a crisis, providing greater comfort and security during bad weather or bad times.

These products have names such as:

Rocket Stove



Solo Stove

Kelly Kettle


We also have products designed to make using the above stoves better, easier, or more convenient:

SuperPots (Skirted Pots with greater efficiency in heat transfer)

Water Pasteurizers (With Pasteurization Indicator)

Survival Stills (Allows for the creation of distilled water, alcohol, essential oils etc…)

StrikeMaster Survival Tools (US Made Fire Starters)

Solar Light Bulbs (NOKERO)


See our individual product pages for in depth information on each of our products, or go to the “Shop Now” tab to start filling your shopping cart.

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